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BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING 11/15/2014 - Santa Clara Grange at 11 AM - Santa Clara Grange, 295 Azalea Drive, Eugene, Oregon Click Here for Agenda

Seasonal Hunter Recruitment Employment Opportunities
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW)

News from ODFW: ODFW will be hosting a Fun Run, Shotgun Shooting, Archery, and Casting event on August 9th at EE Wilson Wildlife Area. Attached is the Flyer. The money from the run will go towards the children’s toy drive. We are needing volunteers to help with the shotgun shooting. Please let James Reed know if you can help. SEE FLYER

election results

2014 OHEIA Election Results

By David Ganskopp, OHEIA President 2014-2015.

Our 2014 OHEIA Executive Board election results were tallied at our April 26 quarterly meeting in Eugene. The election process displaces our sitting President (Brian Ferry), and our President Elect (David Ganskopp) moves to The Chair. Brian remains a board member as a Past President for the coming year. Chris Friend was chosen as President Elect and will assume the helm two years hence. Jeanne Littleton defended a challenge for our Secretary's Office, and Diana Ackerman was elected as Treasurer replacing Rich Morgan who has held that office for a geologic era.


These election results, when paired with our bylaws, dictate a slight shift in the geographic makeup of our Board of Directors. In an attempt to represent all sectors of Oregon, our bylaws mandate we have a sitting Vice President on the board hailing from a portion of the state opposite that of our President Elect. With Chris Friend being a Western Oregon resident, we need to appoint an Eastern Oregon Vice President to the Board. These same actions also force a dismissal of Tom Maddox, our sitting Western Oregon Vice President, as we seek an Eastern Oregon replacement. If any of our Eastern Oregon members wish to pursue this appointment, we ask that one submit a combined one-page note of interest and relevant biographical sketch to Jeanne Littleton, our Secretary, for consideration at our next quarterly meeting in early August.


To those exiting the Board (Rich Morgan and Tom Maddox) we sincerely thank you for your efforts and contributions, and hope your interest and participation in OHEIA affairs will remain as fervent as ever. To our new board members a most hearty welcome, and we look forward to working together and serving our membership over the next biennium.

March 2014June Newsletter

Outgoing President's Message:

Fellow OHEIA Members:

It is hard to believe March is upon us! Before we know it, the Controlled Hunt Deadline will be here.

In Redmond we just survived a short, but intense, winter storm which arrived in time for our early Hunter Ed classes. Fortunately for the students (and instructors) we got a break in the weather and enjoyed a relatively warm, snow-free field day.

Time and activities are moving just as fast within OHEIA. I marvel at how quickly my term as President is winding down, and that I'll soon be "put out to pasture" as your Past President.  It seems like just yesterday I was trying to compose my first address to you, and now I already find myself doing what will be my last one.

Before I move on to the "pasture" there are still important tasks to finish. Chief among those is ensuring the continuity of OHEIA and your Board through our next election cycle.

These elections provide you the opportunity to select your future executive officers.  Elections can offer an opportunity of change, and this one does that. That you are selecting a new person as your President-Elect is not a surprise, and is the "norm" under our Bylaws.   That has not always been the case with the Secretary and Treasurer positions, where the incumbent can be nominated and re-elected.

That will be the case with Secretary, where our incumbent, Jeanne Littleton, has indicated a desire to continue serving if re-elected. However, that is not the case with Treasurer this year.

Our long time Treasurer, Rich Morgan, has decided after 9 elections, and 18 years of dedicated and excellent service to OHEIA that he is retiring. I have already thanked Rich for his unflagging loyalty and service to OHEIA.

When I was elected as Pres-Elect, then President Hedge Jarvis indicated I would undoubtedly face challenges, but he assured me none would come with Rich, or with our financial resources and records. This has been true. I have been amazed at Rich's attention to detail, his openness to change and new ideas, and his "can do" attitude.

For many of you, Rich has been the face of OHEIA as he manned our booth selling memberships and OHEIA merchandise at ODFW meetings and OHEIA banquets and functions.

Rich’s presence will be missed and I hope you will personally thank him for his service and contributions.

It has been a privilege to have served as your President. Hunter education instructors and OHEIA members are special, and I look forward to continuing my efforts with OHEIA by embracing my new role as "Past-President".
You have my best wishes for successful classes, and positive controlled hunt results!

Brian Ferry
OHEIA President.

2014 Hunter's Classic 3D Shoot -- August 8th -10th - Click here for info.

By Darlene Marquardt, OHEIA Webmaster

Regional - NEast

Everyone enjoyed the day. (Foreground: Phil Jarmer. Other instructors in the background)

May 17th was the day.  It was a beautiful Saturday.  A perfect day for fishing on the river, but alas, there were more pressing things to do.  Oregon’s Hunter Education Instructors from the region east of Wasco County, including Sherman, Morrow, Umatilla, Wallowa, Union and Baker Counties, met together in Umatilla for a day of learning about updates and changes in ODFW’s Hunter Education Program. Culminated by a delicious pizza lunch. 


James Reed, Myrna Britton and Janice Bellis traveled from Salem to bring the presentation.  James told us how many students participated in Hunter Education classes last year and attributed increases in numbers to increased gun sales and more interest in online classes.

An important part of the day was explanation of the budgeting changes being put upon ODFW and how it impacts the Hunter Ed programs.  Several Instructors were recognized with  Bronze and Distinguished awards.  Instructors spent some time identifying and discussing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the Hunter Education program.  

Josh Bettesworth explained the pilot project done this year in Umatilla and Echo schools, patterned after the Dallas Ecological Foundations, Outdoor Adventures Education Curriculum and aligned to Oregon’s Core Curriculum.  ODFW trained school teachers as hunter education instructors and with the help of Josh, and Roger Trueax and the school teachers, the project should certify over 250 students this year.

Myrna BrittonMyrna Britton worked hard with James to pull this off.  She’s our hero.


Conference attendees enjoyed drawings for mugs, posters and gun tools.  We all felt the day’s activities were worth the time we spent indoors.  James expressed ODFW’s  appreciation for all of us who volunteer to make the hunter education program successful.  James closed the meeting by sharing part of the video series by Dave Oakes about the ESSENTIALS OF TEAMWORK.

Darlene Marquardt encouraged instructors to take advantage of everything that OHEIA has to offer.    She also stated the OHEIA website has an updated  membership form and invited instructors to join.

By Diana Ackerman, OHEIA Treasurer,
(541) 480-5377  oheiatreasurer@yahoo.com
OHEIA  •  P.O. Box 263  •  Prineville, OR 97754

Hi, as you know, I am the new treasurer of OHEIA.  As time passes us all by, there are things that change, and things that stay the same.  One of the changes is in the position of the OHEIA Treasurer, in which I would like to thank everyone for the chance to put my skills to work.  The other is membership dues. 

MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS:   It is that time of the year to renew your OHEIA membership.  Our annual membership remains at $10, and our Lifetime Membership at $100.  These dues are used through our grant program to help Instructors with financial assistance for their Hunter Education classes.  All instructors are eligible for these funds. 

Please go to our website at www.oheia.org  and download a membership form available under the Information tab, or use the one I’ve attached to remit your dues.  Remit to the new address listed above.

On the website you will also find a grant application form with rules and guidelines on procedures to apply for a grant.  Plan to take advantage of OHEIA’s assistance in your efforts to continue the success of your hunter education program.

OPEN BOARD POSITIONS:   I want to call your attention to the election results posted on the website.  Also, that there are two board positions open, Eastside Vice President and NW Director.  If you are located in either of these areas and would like to serve, President Ganskoff has requested a letter of interest and a short biographical sketch be submitted to the Board of Directors through our secretary at oheiasecretary@aol.com.

If there are any questions or concerns with your membership, please feel free to contact me at my email address.  I realize some of you are life members and others have already paid your dues, but I wanted to contact you just the same.  Again, thank you for your support and involvement in our Association.



Mission Statement:

The mission of the Oregon Hunter Education Association (OHEIA) is to continually strive to improve the teaching of safe, ethical, and responsible hunting through the Hunter Education Program.


    Assist Hunter Education instructors to obtain training, teaching aids, and equipment for Hunter Education courses, presentations, and related activities.

    Provide funding and/or equipment for improvements at shooting ranges or facilities that will assist Hunter Education instructors to provide more effective courses.

    Provide a forum to discuss Hunter Education program policies and issues.

    Advocate for and support a Hunter Education program that continues Oregon's safe hunting traditions. When necessary, express the membership's views to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) or media as appropriate.

    Work with other organizations, businesses, and individuals to help fund projects and activities that enhance Hunter Education programs in Oregon.

    Apply to become an Instructor!

    Call for interested candidates for open board positions: Submit a combined one-page note of interest and relevant biographical sketch to Jeanne Littleton before the end of July, to be considered at the August 2nd Board meeting.

    Buy hunting/fishing licenses now

    For information about purchasing your 2014 hunting licenses, visit ODFW’s licenses and regulations page.

    Instructors: For students and parents inquiring about available classes - send them to https://or.outdoorcentral.us/or/License/Classes

    Hunter Education Instructor ODFW catalog - http://www.dfw.state.or.us/education/hunter/instructors/catalog.asp

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