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Elections Notice: The 2014 Elections and voting will occur between March 15 and April 15. All current members will be receiving their ballots and election information very shortly. Ballots must be returned postmarked no later than April 15..
James Reed reception Myrna at Registration OHEIA table
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November 2013 Newsletter

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Oregon Hunter Education Association (OHEIA) is to continually strive to improve the teaching of safe, ethical, and responsible hunting through the Hunter Education Program.


    Assist Hunter Education instructors to obtain training, teaching aids, and equipment for Hunter Education courses, presentations, and related activities.

    Provide funding and/or equipment for improvements at shooting ranges or facilities that will assist Hunter Education instructors to provide more effective courses.

    Provide a forum to discuss Hunter Education program policies and issues.

    Advocate for and support a Hunter Education program that continues Oregon's safe hunting traditions. When necessary, express the membership's views to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) or media as appropriate.

    Work with other organizations, businesses, and individuals to help fund projects and activities that enhance Hunter Education programs in Oregon.

      Instructors: Send photos of your classes and field days to the webmaster to be added to our albums.

      Most recent album - Heppner Class

      Other Albums - Conference Pics


    Buy hunting/fishing licenses now

    For information about purchasing your 2013 hunting licenses, visit ODFW’s licenses and regulations page.

    Instructors: For students and parents inquiring about available classes - send them to https://or.outdoorcentral.us/or/License/Classes

    Hunter Education Instructor ODFW catalog - http://www.dfw.state.or.us/education/hunter/instructors/catalog.asp


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